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Sheroes (3 stories) - WISG's new animation project

1 April 2019

Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) presents a short animated film and a new project of WISG, which tells the forgotten and hidden (her)stories of inspiring women from Georgian history.

Sheroes (3 stories) is an animated herstory of 3 women with unusual bravery from XVIII century Georgia, Kartli – Tamar Vashlovneli, Tina Tsavkiseli and Ana Baji. The film was premiered on 8th of March at Feminist Film Festival From Rosa to Simone.

WISG is grateful to all individuals and companies who helped us in preparation of the film:
Illustations: Anuk Beluga
Animation: Studio Animatory
Script: Irma Chubinidze
Sound and Music: Post Red Audio