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Report on Activities of The Coalition For Equality - 2016-2017

29 May 2018

The Coalition for Equality's report provides a detailed review of cases litigated by the organizations included in the Coalition for Equality to the Public Defender’s Office of Georgia, Common Courts and the Constitutional Court. The analysis of these cases provides an assessment of the situation of the rights of discriminated groups and the efficiency of mechanisms for ensuring equality and protection of the rights of vulnerable individuals.

During the reporting period from 2016 through 2017, the Coalition member organizations litigated 60 cases. Discrimination on the ground of disability (15 cases) is at the top of the cases litigated by the Coalition, which is followed by discrimination on the basis of gender (14 cases). Discrimination on the grounds of religion (10 cases) is the third in the list. The Coalition members litigated 6 cases on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity (one of which concerns discrimination of a lesbian, two cases of transgender women and three cases of discrimination against gay community members), ethnicity (two cases), expression (two cases), political affiliation (two cases), discrimination on the grounds of place of residence (two cases), race (one case), marital status (one case), nationality (one case), criminal record/conviction (one case), the form of acquisition of education (one case), discrimination based on the date of leaving the private health insurance scheme (one case), and profession (one case).

At the report presentation event, Esma Gumberidze, human rights activist and Nata, Trans activist woman talked about their experiences and problems within their communities.

Report on Activities of The Coalition For Equality - 2016-2017