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6th report by Georgia on the implementation of the revised European Social Charter submitted by WISG, ILGA-Europe and TGEU (2014)

23 June 2014

The right to the highest attainable standard of health is guaranteed by several treaties, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the European Social Charter. However, transgender persons suffer from several problems in achieving this standard. The Transgender EuroStudy sheds an alarming light on the experiences of transgender people in relation to inequality and discrimination in accessing healthcare in Europe.

The Report of the Commissioner for Human Rights Discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in Europe lists Georgia among the states which make surgery leading to sterilisation a requirement for legal gender recognition.

The practice of requiring transgender persons to undergo medical treatment including sterilisation, as a condition of legal gender recognition is incompatible with Article 11 of the European Social Charter.

The failure of the Georgian authorities to provide regulations or establish requirements for gender reassignment treatment which reflect the medical needs of transgender persons is evidence that Georgia does not meet the requirement to provide effective access to health care for all, without discrimination, as is its failure to ensure that medical insurance covers, or contributes to the coverage of important elements of such medically necessary treatment, on a non-discriminatory basis.

The report is available on the following link: 6th report by Georgia on the implementation of the revised European Social Charter submitted by WISG, ILGA-Europe and TGEU.

WISG is a non-governmental women’s right organization established on 29 July 2000 by 8 women with different professions to unite our resources and who share the principles, that women should be involved in the activities directed to social changes. Our vision is the justice, equity, and democratic society where all women are aware of their right and are able to participate in all areas of the life. Our mission is to support democratic state building in Georgia; improving cultural, economic and social environment through the promotion of women’s initiatives. Our key strategy in terms of women’s empowerment is consolidation of women through creation of groups and networks to make “changes from beneath”.