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Transgenderl Solidarity Group | Acitivists' and citizens' initiative

19 March 2020

A Transgender Solidarity Group has been formed as a result of joint initiative of queer activists and citizens. The group aims to raise funds for critical needs of the trans community in Georgia, amid the COVID-19 pandemic-related state of emergency situation.

Facing the given circumstances, transgender sex-workers and transgender community in general remain a highly vulnerable group, as the State continues to carry zero effective policies in regards of improving access to housing, employment, and health services for Trans persons.

Women's Initiatives Support Group (WISG), as a community organization, joins the initiative.

You can donate to the group on the following bank accounts:

BOG: GE10BG0000000131421565

TBC: GE67TB7937145063600042

Receiver: Nikolo Ghviniashvili