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WISG’s basket of Feminist knowledge is already in Tbilisi multifunctional libraries

24 March 2022

Baskets of feminist knowledge by Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG) were placed in branches of association of Tbilisi multifunctional libraries today.

It is very important for us to popularize feminist values and we consider increasing access to feminist knowledge for all the best way for achieving this goal. We believe libraries are such unique and rare public places, where people can receive and exchange knowledge freely.

This is why we have selected association of Tbilisi multifunctional libraries, which met our proposal for cooperation enthusiastically, as the strategic partner. For the beginning, the baskets of feminist knowledge were placed in two branches of the association – in Nadzaladevi and Vake districts.

WISG’s basket of feminist knowledge contains different materials published by our organization throughout years – studies, reports, policy documents, guidelines, video essays about gender and sexuality, animated fiction films about women overlooked by history, cards, which capture the moments of WISG’s feminist and queer campaigns, exhibitions, installations and performances created in cooperation with artists.

We will regularly update the baskets with publications and media products produced by our organization. The baskets will soon be available in three more branches of the association of libraries.

We would like to extend special thanks to Studio + - and designer Elene Zhorzholiani for their help in making the baskets. 

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