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Joint Statement of Civil Society Organizations

12 March 2023

According to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, all the persons arrested during the demonstration were released from the detention facilities. However, the release from administrative arrest does not mean the termination of the administrative offense proceedings. Therefore, despite their release, the administrative offense proceedings are still ongoing.

During the protests held on March 2-3 and March 7-9, 2023, the police arrested a total of 169 people under the  Administrative Offences Code.

We call for:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs - to terminate the proceedings of the administrative offense against all the persons arrested during the protests, whose cases have not been reviewed by the court so far.

The Prosecutor's Office - to employ the mechanism of prosecutorial appeal (protest) to nullify the court's decisions concerning fines.

The Special Investigation Service - to ensure a thorough and objective investigation of excessive use of force by law enforcement officials, arbitrary arrests, mistreatment of arrestees and other related incidents