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picture Policy Paper

Needs of Transgender Persons in Healthcare

27 October 2015

Problems that transgender individuals face in Georgia - non-regulation of processes related to legal recognition of gender and gender reassignment, which by itself increases unemployment and poverty risks, facilitates marginalization of group members, and makes them vulnerable to transphobic offences committed by the public. In return, stigma, unemployment and poverty risks make even more inaccessible using health services necessary for legal recognition of gender. Thus, a certain vicious circle exists, escaping from which is extremely difficult.

Further, linking legal recognition of gender to the process of medical transition(bringing an individual’s physical qualities in conformity with his/her/their gender)creates considerable problems in terms of human rights. In such practices, a wide spectrum of transgender identities is totally ignored to choose between undesirable and needless medical interventions (including, sterilization in numerous states) and legal recognition of gender.

Present public policy document aims to evaluate the status of transgender persons in the country, identify problematic issues and develop recommendations for relevant institutions to resolve these problems.

Herwith, the present public policy document does not narrow down transgender persons’ health concept only to medical procedures required for transition. issues related to transgender persons’ health including a wider spectrum of services such as protection and resources that transgender individuals require for a healthy life in a safe society. This includes primary and other care services, as well as socio-economic determinants of health like the policy of legal recognition of gender, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and receptiveness from the public.

A priority task of the present public policy document is to delimit legal recognition of gender and trans-specific medical services in a manner that would achieve maximum compliance with human rights standards in view of the country’s context; and further, to make initial steps for ensuring transgender people’s access to highest attainable standards of health.

Document can be viewed and downloaded from the following link: Needs of Transgender persons in Healtcare (policy paper)