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Public Lecture: (A)sexual Geogian Woman

Start Date : 10 March 2017

Despite the fact that in last years there have been significant positive progress in the double standards that culture establishes in terms of sexuality for men and women (beginning of the sexual life, sex before marriage, adultery and etc), Georgian culture is still patriarchal culture, where women’s sexuality has mostly only purpose of reproduction and is discussed in terms of the family. In the sexual relations will of the women and pleasure is ignored almost completely and is reduced to the obligation towards the family, spouse and even country.

How asexual icon of the Georgian woman/mother is demonstrated in the existing behaviors of the society toward lesbian women? What is the influence of the religion on this process in the nationalistic discourse? On this and many other topics, researcher in gender issues Ekaterine Aghdgomelashvili will give a public lecture on Thursday, 23 th of March, 19:00 in Kiwi cafe. On the lecture will be presented results of the study on the behavior of the society towards LGBT people, which was conducted in year 2016.