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Start Date : 7 March 2022 - 9 March 2022

Feminist Film Festival From Rosa to Simone is back with the 2022 edition.

The festival events and film screenings will take place at Amirani Cinema, on March 7, 8 and 9.  

In the films selected for a three-day program, female filmmakers introduce to us the contemporary feminist and queer groups, movements and artists. Their resistance and creative introspection is directed with equal passion against ultra-right, neoliberal, anti-democratic, Fascist, and militarist regimes, governments and institutions, and against patriarchal, sexist, homophobic and transphobic cultural norms.    

On March 7, we will premiere WISG’s new, short animated film that recreates life of Phari Khanum Sofiyeva, the first Muslim woman in Georgia and in the world, democratically elected to a self-governing body. The film will enable us to discuss and compare the contexts for women’s participation in politics, opportunities and obstacles, 100 years ago and now.

The cinematic journey we have planned for March 8, acquires special importance in current reality: three documentary films, from Slovenia, Ukraine and Georgia, look into political context, at the background of a common socialist past and neoliberal global capitalism, a present full of ever increasing militaristic terror, and shows relation of feminist, lesbian, queer activists and artists to politics, economics, culture, arts and legal institutional structures.

Program on March 9, with two impressive documentary films from Brazil, introduces a trans activist and a trans artist, and tells us about their inspiring resistance against the country’s ultra-right government and ultra-macho social norms.


March 7

Women’s political participation

17:00 – Reception and opening

17:30 – Premiere:

Phari Khanum Sofiyeva – a short animated film (Georgia, 2022)

8:00 – Lecture and discussion:

“With nothing left to lose – when women representing Azerbaijani community in Georgia engage in the decision-making process.” Kamila Mamedova.


March 8

Documentary films from Slovenia, Ukraine and Georgia

16:00 – Relationships: 25th anniversary of Lesbian group ŠKUC-LL (Slovenia, 2012)

17:30-18:00 – Break

18:00 – Revivification: Art, activism and politics in Ukraine (Ukraine, 2018)

18:30 – Independent Group of Feminists (Georgia, 2022)


March 9

Brazilian trans activism and art in focus

17:00 – Indianara (Brazil, 2019)

19:00 – Bixa Travesty (Brazil, 2018)

Feminist Film Festival From Rosa to Simone plans to expand programmatically next year and develop a dedicated page, which we are presenting in a test mode this year:

 Attendance to all screenings are free and will take place at Amirani Cinema 3