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WISG updated shadow CEDAW report on violence and discrimination against LBTI women (January 9, 2023)

10 January 2023

The aim of this shadow report is to draw the attention of the Committee to the violations of human rights of LBTI women in Georgia with updated information and data that derive from researches conducted by WISG after the submission of the shadow report in June 2021. This report supplements the last report with data from two main research reports issued by WISG: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on LGBT(Q)I Community in Georgia and From Prejudice to Equality. Vol.2: Study on Public Knowledge, Awareness and Attitudes Towards LGBT(Q)I Community and Legal Equality. [1]

This report is a constituent part of the report submitted by WISG in June 2021. Particularly, this report provides updated information regarding violence against LBT women, Legal Gender Recognition for Trans persons, discrimination against L(G)BT people in employment and combatting discrimination and stereotyping against L(G)BTI community through education.

Read or download the report:

WISG - UPDATED Shadow Report on Discrimination and violence against LBTI women (Georgia, January 9, 2023)

 [1] The research reports are referenced in the document.