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Strasbourg to pass judgment in a case concerning a Police's homophobic raid on Georgia’s first LGBT organisation.

7 October 2020

EHRAC-WISG Press Advisory: European Court of Human Rights to pass judgment in case brought against G...

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NEWS / Statements

WISG’s Statement on the Case of Aghdgomelashvili and Japaridze v Georgia

9 October 2020

On October 8, 2020, the European Court of Human Rights rendered a judgment in the case of “Aghdgome...

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Panel-Discussion: Obstruction of the activities of LBT human rights defenders and systemic crimes committed against them

27 November 2020

Unfortunately this article is not available in English, please refer to Georgian version of the web...


Aghdgomelashvili and Japaridze v Georgia: a further step in the direction of Article 3’s dignitarian promise?

3 December 2020

By Natasa Mavronicola (University of Birmingham) and Laurens Lavrysen (Human Rights Centre, Ghent Un...

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Case Judgment of Aghdgomelashvili and Japaridze v Georgia (European Court of Human Rights)

1 December 2020

CASE OF AGHDGOMELASHVILI AND JAPARIDZE v. GEORGIAThe judgment is available on the website of Europea...